01 October 2018The Review - October 2018

Don't miss anything in October - read The Review!

11 August 2018Rousay Horticultural Show 2018

Click on the 'External link' below to go to 'Around Rousay', to look at the prize-winning exhibits in this year's Horticultural Show, which took place on Sunday 5th August.

10 August 2018Pictish handprint

Archaeologists, excavating the Knowe of Swandro this summer, found a preserved Pictish handprint on an anvil.  It is believed to be at least 1,000 years old.  Click on the 'External link' below to read more about this exciting discovery.

02 August 2018The Dashing White Sergeant

Follow the 'External link' below to watch, and hear, Rousay's Craig Mainland, Sinclair Taylor and Eddie Firth playing a Dashing White Sergeant set at The Reel on Tuesday 31st July.  It will set your feet tapping!

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